Vidya Bharati, India Vidya Bhararti
Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Sansthan
Over 76% of Indian people live in more than 7 lakh villages; 3 crore in slum colonies and under-privilege localities and 5 crore in jungles and hilly terrains in clusters of small villages. After Six decades of independence, the economic social condition of the vast population of the country has not altered much for want of proper educational facilities and other development measures to be made available there. Political Independence has dawned but there is educational social & economic darkness there with the result that there is continuous exodus of villagers towards cities. Vidya Bharati has given first priority to lit the lamps of literacy & start other projects of economic & social upliftment of the ignored & neglected more than three-fourth of the population of this sub-continent. There are 6219 schools functioning in villages; 583 in under-privileged localities & 830 in tribal areas. During the Six decades of post-independence, Vidya Bharati is the first to reach these unreached remote areas.
Besides teaching 3 Rs', special projects have been started aiming at promoting economic self- reliance, Sanskriti Jyanna, Health & hygiene, social awareness, commitment & love for the mother land.
Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh, Pilakhuwa in Ghaziabad and Dhammor in Sultanpur district of U.P. have been taken as Models for starting pilot projects for rural schools. Curriculum & scheme of studies of such schools are also different as compared to those in the rest of the country. Scheme of studies for rural Schools-Many Vocational courses have been introduced beside the formal academic courses in these rural schools.
The greatest menace of tribal areas is the exploitation of poor natives of forests by the Christian Missionaries. In the guise of providing education and health services, they have been bartering economic & social facilities for conversion to Christianity. Instead of blaming the Christian Missionaries Vidya Bharati has extended its educational programmes to these Vanvasi areas. The effort is to foster national unity, respect for all religions & Faiths, patriotism & pride in Bharatiya Dharma & Sanskriti through the medium of education.
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