Essential Technologies For Cannabis Clinics

Most states in the US allow opening and operating of cannabis clinics. While this is a good move, there exist many challenges that the industry faces. Payments through banks are a major issue as most of these financial institutions regard cannabis as an illegal drug. Another challenge is the issue of marketing through the mainstream media and social networking sites. Many mainstream media do not accept adverts related to cannabis as the law prohibits it. The social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook do not allow marketing of cannabis through their platforms. As the industry grapples with these challenges, there are innovative technologies that can help to surmount them. This article explains some of the technologies that can be used in the purchase cannabis on web field.

Agrisoft Seed to Sale

This technology tracks your cannabis plant from growing time to the time it gets into clinic shelves. It helps to know at what stage your weed is and when you expect harvesting. This technology is made by Kind Financial.


It is a technology that aligns the mental desires that patient wants to the products that are available in the clinic. The desires are visualized to patients. Most patients are highly informed about the available strains and their mental impacts on them. The technology can be used by budtenders to educate the patients.

Canna Trac

This is a system that offers clinics financial reporting solutions. The clinics that use this system are able to work with banks and other financial institutions because of the transparent nature of the technology. The system tracks every transaction that takes place in the clinic and offers accurate information to interested parties. The system can be integrated with the existing POS technology.

Elemntal Digital Displays

This is a storefront screen technology that lets users to update information from their mobile phones. The images displayed are of high quality and updates are done in the real time. With this technology, you don’t need chalkboard or whiteboard tools.

Green Bits

Green Bits technology is an easy technology that your budtenders can use.


This is a technology that will be used for the purpose of data analytics for cannabis industry. The technology is made by the co-founders of the website Leafy. When it will be launched, it will provide market intelligence reports and future trends of the cannabis industry


It a quick service technology that processes orders and payments for cannabis products. It can be integrated with other essential systems like POS, mobile apps and armoured courier services. Jane technology is important because through it orders and payments are processed.

Zazzz Vending Machine

It is able to scan a government ID and the facial features of the holder.